Why Finance with Calista Motors

Financing a car can be difficult for many people. If you have made financial mistakes in the past, it may as if you will never be able to purchase a new car again. However, Calista Motors has the answer for you. Our unique credit programs allow borrowers of all types no matter your credit situation to purchase a new vehicle again. We have years of experience and a proven track record in auto financing and a larger network of partner lenders who understand your needs and will carefully consider your current circumstance rather than any credit history. No matter your past credit history whether, good credit, bad credit, reposition, bankruptcy, self-employed we can tailored a program that best fits you and get you approved for the vehicle you want. No matter what your financial past is, our team will be there to help you with financing the car you need. Here are several things to keep in mind about financing a car with our company.

Credit History

There are many people who have made financial mistakes in the past. Instead of worrying about these mistakes, come on in to our dealership to work with our team to get approved. Even if you have no credit or bad credit, we will be able to work out a plan that fits your needs. We have even had customers who have declared bankruptcy get approved for a new car loan. Never let your past financial history get in the way of you getting a new vehicle. We have experience working with people who have a bad financial history, and this is no barrier to getting you approved.

Flexible Loan Options

At Calista Motors we offer convenient and flexible financing options to help you drive away with the car you want whether you are Prime are Sub-prime borrower. Our staff has over 15 of years of combined experience in automotive financing and is able to work with any situation; we have dealt with bankruptcies, divorce, recent immigrants, first time car buyers, contractors, business owners and many more difficult financial situations. Whatever is holding you back, we can help .Due to our experience working with unique borrowers. We have many different flexible loan options for you to choose from. We offer some of the most competitive terms in the industry with solutions for a wide range of credit profiles. This is one of the biggest benefits to working with our company on the financing of your new car.
Everyone comes from a different financial position, and we want to insure that we are providing everything that we can for our customers to financially succeed. You will be able to choose from different interest rate and loan term options so that you can afford a new vehicle.

Choosing A Vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the most important decisions that many people will make. There are many different things to keep in mind with this purchase. If you are worried about not qualifying to purchase a vehicle, do not let this get in the way of you coming to our dealership. Calista Motors is there to help you when you need it, so give us a call today to get the process started on purchasing your new vehicle. The process of financing a car at Calista Motors is designed to be easy, transparent, and stress free. Integrity is paramount and our financing is no exception. We strive to be different from the traditional car dealer and we demand the highest standards of service, selection and customer satisfaction to ensure your experience with your new purchase will be comforting as well as reassuring.

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